Arduino Programming

I used to hate hardware programming as I find it too low level and hard to understand.

Went for an arduino workshop and I’m totally fascinated. I bought my own Arduino board. Instead of the usual Arduino Uno / Intel Galileo boards, I bought Linkit One which has embedded WIFI, bluetooth etc in built capabilities. It is otherwise also know as the Ultimate Developer Board for Wearables and Internet of Things!

Spent a total of more than 300 bucks on the board, an 10-in-1 grooves set, side kick box of accessories and some other grooves. Heartache over the amount spent on so many small items

No usb to micro usb cable provided. So I have to co-use with my phone.

Need to get a toolbox to hold all these tiny mini components and the board for safekeeping and a rubber platform to hold the board on the table so it won’t slip off my table if I accidentally drag the cable away.

Installation is quite tedious on Windows 8 PC. Probably is the user problem who is not familiar with the new OS structure.

The developer guide is here. (I’ve only read up to page 17)

However, I faced some problems installing the SDK. This source here really helps me to solve the problems of the IDE installation and connection to PC.

My first example of Blink is successful. Yeah!

Next up, trying to develop more complex programs!


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